Choosing A Suitable Heating And Cooling Contractor For Your Home

Choosing the appropriate cooling and heating contractor is arguably the most significant part of buying a cooling and heating system (air conditioner, heat pump, gas furnace). A professional contractor should be able to make good recommendations after assessing your situation and will be sure to size the equipment for optimum performance perfectly.

Researching a heating & cooling contractor

Check professional associations and industry credentials: Every industry has associated certifications and associations with helping customers identify professionals of repute. Common affiliations in the HVAC industry are PHCC and ACCA. When considering HVAC installer or technicians, you ought to ask if they have NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification, which is the leading certification for technicians in the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating industry.

Check online referrals sources: The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a consumer protection service, which ensures repeat offender does not take advantage of end users. Angie’s list is an outstanding resource for contractors and the best place to conduct research. In case there are any unsolved complaints you will find out about them over there.

Check reader’s reviews — Nowadays you can observe what other consumers have to say by examining Facebook pages or Google reviews. To view online reviews, type on your search bar. Next, type in the business’ location and name to check your contractor’s place page for appraisals. This readily available information can assist you in your hunt for a quality heating contractor.

Ask for insurance liability information and state license: All states mandate that mechanical HVAC contractors attend annual code training, maintain an active certification license, and carry liability insurance. This is obligatory. “Never work with a contractor that is not bonded and licensed,” answers Dan from You are well within your rights to query a contractor for verification of these vital documents.
About the appointment

Expect home evaluation: The cooling and heating contractor should spend substantial time inspecting your home and current system to assess your requirements. They should also ask you lots of questions regarding your cooling and heating requirements. Will there be any changes? How many individuals live in the home? How important is energy savings? Do you have cold or warm spots? Are you interested in things such as extended warranties? You ought to feel as if they are asking questions and properly understanding your house and its requirements. A good contractor ought to check your ducts, if applicable, to pinpoint leaks plus measure airflow. Remember, bigger is not necessarily better so you should ensure that they properly size your equipment.

Ask about incentives and rebates: Many ductless heat pumps, air conditioning units, heat pumps, and gas furnaces have incentives or rebates either by the utility provider or by the manufacturer. The majority of utility companies offer rebates for purchasing high-efficiency equipment and many times the manufacturer offers promotions on specific products. Request your contractor to go over these options with you.

Ensure you get a written contract: When comparing cooling and heating contractor proposals, ensure that you compare costs, warranties, and energy efficiency apart from the price. The lowest priced equipment might not be the best deal in case it is not the most efficient as it will inflate your energy costs. Get a written proposal from the contractor prior to the commencement of work. Specify warranty information, job schedule, model number, and project cost.

About the equipment:

Ensure you purchase a reputable brand: Consider the brand of equipment your cooling and heating contractor carries. Is the product backed up with local support? What are the warranties? Are there local resources or a distributor available to support the product?

Consider credentials: The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is given to manufacturers who excel in cooling and heating equipment. In addition, check to confirm if Consumer Digest has acknowledged the manufacturer or equipment in any way. This ensures that you are getting the best deal.

Finding An Accredited HVAC Contractor

When a cooling and heating unit is involved, apart from meticulously selecting a unit that will work best for you, it is also necessary to hire the best HVAC contractor to ensure the installation done properly. Remember, your HVAC unit is only as good as how it is installed properly. Poorly installed units will most likely result in problems that you will regret. If this is not enough, an improperly installed HVAC unit means you can say goodbye to the amount of cash you spent on purchasing it. Therefore, how do you determine which HVAC contractor is ideal for you and your cooling and heating requirements? Before making the final decision, here are some queries you need to consider.

How much time has the company been in business?

This query plays a huge role in your decision-making process. When planning to conduct business with an HVAC contractor, always determine how long they have been in this business. The period they have spent in the industry is proof of stability in the quality of work they provide and their financial aspect.

Is the Company in Partnership with the Better Business Bureau?

Any reliable and reputable company will most probably be a member of BBB. Those who are not are probably trying to conceal a history of unresolved complaints.

Are the HVAC Contractors Licensed?

Following the rule of the thumb, never hire an unlicensed contractor. Before making a decision ensure that you check for the license.

Does the Company Have Accreditation?

Apart from the contractor’s license, it is vital to check if a company has accreditation before thinking about the services they offer. Move on to the other choices of HVAC contractors if the company does not have any accreditation.

Does the Contractor Possess and Carry a Proof of Liability Insurance?

You are in the dark regarding accidents that can occur during Florida Air Conditioning installations. Things could still go incorrect even if you have a licensed and professional contractor during the installation process. Ensure that the contractor has liability insurance to provide protection to your house from any possible damages that might occur during the process.

Is the Contractor Open to Listening to the Owner?

Just because they are educated and licensed on the matter does not imply that they will not consider any issues the owner raises. It is usually a good sign if the contractor is ready to hear to whatever you would tell them in relation to the matter on hand.

Does the Contractor Offer Upfront Pricing?

It can be exasperating to be provided an upfront estimate of the job that needs to be done only to find out later that the job will cost you more after completion. Reputable HVAC contractors ought to provide an estimate of the expenses and put that in writing so that there are no misunderstandings later on.

Do the Company Technicians Go Through Background Checks and Drug Tests?

For the sake of security and safety, it is always vital that the technicians sent by the company go through the important drug tests and background checks. Do not forget that the technician will be working in your house for several hours at a stretch and there is nothing more significant than feeling safe while they are installing your HVAC unit.

Does the Company Offer a Warranty?

If this is not enough, it is vital that you look at the bigger picture and demand for warranty coverage on the installation. Specifics of the warranty ought to be clearly stated, and it may be wise as well to ask if the company offers maintenance plans too.

Can the Company Provide References?

Apart from asking from your friends or family about reputable HVAC contractors they are aware of, it is also prudent to ask the HVAC companies themselves for references. Ask for a minimum of three references including the name plus contact numbers of the past customers of the company so you can verify the quality and validity of services they offer.

The stakes are typically high when it boils down to the issues about your money and your home. These pointers ought to help you find a suitable HVAC contractor through proper decision and evaluation.

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Furnace and Air conditioning systems are the largest users of energy in homes. Many Furnaces that are 10 years or older are 65% efficient or less. A new high efficiency furnace can save you on your monthly utilitiy bill.  New Furnaces have an  EFU of 80% to 95%. Most furnaces on the market today are fully modulated and run minimum efficiency of 78%. The minimum efficiency furnace that can be sold in the United States today is 78%. Furnaces are available that operate up to 95% efficient.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners sold today are mandated to have a 13 Seer rating meaning they are units that save up to 23% on there energy usage. Older models have a 10 Seer rating and are using more energy. There are units available that operate higher Seer ratings. Higher SEER numbers save more money.


There are many different types of Thermostats sold. Aprilaire and Honeywell offer a full line of electronic thermostats to provide optimum comfort for all types of homes. Attractive designs, large, easy-to-read numbers, backlit displays and simple programming are just some of the features that make Aprilaire and Honeywell thermostats the best choice for controlling your home.
Zoning can provide comfort with increased energy savings in the home by allowing multiple temperature sensing locations and control areas.


There are three styles of humidifiers that can be used with a furnace or air handler. Bypass humidifier, power humidifier, and a steam humidifier.


Older boilers operate at lower EFU newer boilers have come a long way. Boilers today can operate at 80%-97% EFU saving you on your monthly utility bill.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Device that connects to the furnace that cleans the air of dirt, dust, and pet dander. It can be washed with mild soap and water and reinstalled without purchasing new filters.

UV Lights

Is an air purification system that is connected to the furnace that kills mold and spores as they pass the light.